The History of Craigmonie

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In the 18th Century, the Balmacaan estate, on which our home is built, was owned by the Laird Sir James Grant, mainly as a field sports estate. The Lairds family wanted to improve the living conditions for the population of tenants and their families. He built an infrastructure of roads and engineered flood prevention measures for the village of Lewiston. Over the next century the family was instrumental in planting several species of trees, such as oak, spruce, elm, chestnut, beech and larch. The most important of which was the Birch, as it was used for charcoal in the production of iron. As you walk around the village and cycle the many woodland trails above our home, many of these original trees can still whisper words of years gone by, with a blanket of ancient shrubbery of bluebells and dog’s mercury bloom.

Our home was built in 1890’s for local workers. One of those workers was Sandy the Carrier in the 1920’s, who lived in our home with his wife and daughter (see photos) but sadly Sandy passed away in 1932. Just up from our home was the local supply store that was the hub of the community, as can been seen in the photo from 1920’s. Over the following decades the estate was hit badly with its infrastructure due to the financial effects of World War 1 and 2 but slowly it recovered to the point today that it is a thriving village, built up by the local community.

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